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The kit consists of a HIC tote bag along with a detox skin brush, konjac face/body sponge and a HIC golf umbrella

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 "I felt more clear-headed and noticeably less bloated. And, as clichéd as it may sound, my body actually felt ‘reset’. Result!"

3 days cleanse

"Physically, I lost 1-2kg; and I did feel happier and healthier. Plus, my skin looked brighter. I also didn’t crave oily food as much 
as I thought I would; in fact, I felt icky when I loaded up on fast food  after the cleanse."

3 days cleanse

"What's great about HIC is how frequent the bottles were and how they alternate between smooth and chunky, so you're not actually 
starving yourself from solids completely. I was so used to the routine by Day Three, I would have gone on for another two more days without any problems."

3 days cleanse

"During and after the cleanse, I noticed my bloating was gone, my skin looked better and I had more energy overall."

3 days cleanse

"I woke up on day four feeling as energetic as the day before, and 
discovered I had lost another 0.5kg – a total of 2.5kg over three days! My bowel movements improved and I became more conscious of the food I ate."

 3 days cleanse

"I do feel physically and mentally lighter and healthier! And quite a few people commented on how I look “glowing” on Instagram.. And I believe it’s because of HICJUICE!" 

 5 days cleanse

"Though I didn’t feel any lighter, physically I had lost 1-2 kg after the cleanse and the detoxes shifted me away from my bad habits like too much coffee, sweets and fatty food."

3 days cleanse

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