FAQs - Juices

About the Juices

  • 1. Do the juices need to be refrigerated? What if I am out and about? keyboard_arrow_down
    Yes! The juices are not pasteurized, meaning they have not been heated, do not contain preservatives, are all fresh, raw and chock full of enzymes. Upon receiving the juices, please store them in the refrigerator immediately. It is advised to take them out of the cooler bags and store them in the chiller. If you need to bring them to your office for consumption, only transfer them from your refrigerator to the cooler bags just before you leave home.

    The cooler bags that we provide can help to keep the juices chilled for about 3 hours if the juices were taken out from the refrigerator. We recommend that if you’re planning for a juice cleanse, do it on days where you have easy access to refrigerators (as well as the toilets).
  • 2.  Why has my juice separated?keyboard_arrow_down
    This is due to the different density of the ingredients that make up the juices and because they are natural with no chemicals or additives added! Most of the drinks bought off the shelf have stabilisers added in so the ingredients don’t separate. Just give our juice a shake before drinking!
  • 3.  What’s the difference between Juice Cleanse Programs and juice packs?keyboard_arrow_down
    The main difference is that Juice Cleanse is a cleanse detox program whereas juice packs act as a supplement drink.

    For the cleanse programs, you will be drinking 6 x 500ml of juices every day for as long as the duration of your cleanse. You will drink one bottle of juice every 2 hours. Other than the juices and plenty of water in between, there should be no intake of any other food. The juices in the cleanse program will have to be drank according to their sequence. 

    For the juice packs, they can be taken together with your normal diet, with no schedule to adhere to and you can spread the bottles over 3 days maximum. If you like, you can also use the juices to replace a meal or two in these 3 days. However, We do not recommend that you replace the whole day’s meals with just the custom juices as there may not be sufficient calories to sustain throughout the day.
  • 4.  I want to lose weight, should I go for juice cleanse?keyboard_arrow_down
    Our Juice Cleanse program is designed in such a way that it focuses more on boosting your body’s natural cleansing process rather than losing weight. However, we do have some cleansers who tried our cleanse program and commented that they lost about 2kg to 3kg during their cleanse. This could be due to reduced calorie and solid food intake while consuming only cold-pressed juices for 3-5days.
    If weight management is a priority, we would recommend our weightloss program or 5:2 juice or soup plan which encourage a sustainable approach to weight loss.
  • 5.   What are the benefits of activated charcoal in juices?keyboard_arrow_down
    Our black juices contain activated charcoal which should not be confused with the charcoal commonly seen!  Activated charcoal is a food-grade ingredient formed when organic bamboo is heated to high temperatures with steam activation and no oxygen. This jet-black charcoal is a highly absorbent detoxifier that is able to eliminate the unwanted toxins out of your body. Due to its strong binding and cleansing properties, activated charcoal is an ideal detox helper which leaves you feeling energized and lighter!

    As activated charcoal is a powerful detoxifier, it is recommended to avoid taking with medication, supplements and meals within 2 hours of drinking. We also do not encourage the consumption of more than 1 litre of any drink containing charcoal per day. You will also need to drink lots of water to help flush those toxins out once they are bound by the charcoal.

    The charcoal drinks do not have much sensory difference as compared to other juices without activated charcoal added as the ingredient is odourless and tasteless.
  • 6. What’s the difference between the original HIC Juice and Cold Pressured Juice?keyboard_arrow_down
    All our juice is 100% cold pressed from fresh produce with no sugar or preservatives added. The new cold pressured juice range undergoes an additional process of Cold Pressurisation to eliminate harmful bacteria and extend its shelf life to 60 days.
  • 7. What is Cold Pressure Processing?keyboard_arrow_down
    Bottles of HIC juice are submerged into a giant chamber of cold water and exposed to high pressure of up to 600 MPa. The pressure eliminates harmful bacteria without subjecting heat-sensitive vitamin and nutrients to heat, resulting in a safer product for all.
  • 8. How is it different from other juice brands available on the supermarket shelves?keyboard_arrow_down
    Most juice sold in supermarkets are made from concentrate or contain added sugar or preservatives. They also tend to be pasteurized rather than cold pressured. Pasteurization involves exposing juice to high heat in order to eliminate bacteria. HIC Juice is cold pressed from fresh produce, which means we extract the maximum amount of nutrients into the juice. The process of cold pressurisation helps to retain the most nutrients in our juice using high pressure instead of high temperature to eliminate bacteria.
  • 9. Is Cold Pressured Juice nutritious?keyboard_arrow_down
    Our juice is produced in a strict temperature controlled environment and is not exposed to heat at any point. This helps to ensure minimal oxidation and maximum nutrient retention.
  • 10. Does it have to be kept chilled?keyboard_arrow_down
    Yes, cold pressured juice still needs to be kept chilled at 1 - 6 degrees C.
  • 11. Where can it be purchased?keyboard_arrow_down
    It is currently available at major supermarkets, online grocers and selected cafes. You may refer to our list of stockists here.