why HIC?
HICJUICE is one of our ways of complementing your move towards life’s lighter side. Raw, vegan, cold pressed and formulated by our nutritionists, HICJUICE is more than just juices and cleanses.
the raw movement
The reason we love a clean raw vegan diet is simple – it is full of live enzymes and phytonutrients that supply you with energy and give your skin that healthy glow. These essential nutrients are lost when food is cooked with heat above 45 degrees Celsius. While many cooked low calorie foods may make you appear slimmer, they can ultimately deplete your body of nourishment. We reinvented raw food to bring you quality juices through our cold pressed technology that produces no heat and minimizes oxidation. Our pure unadulterated juices will leave you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and energized with the highest level of concentrated nutrients provided naturally.
why cold pressed?
Our juicing technology utilises an industrial 2-step triturating hydraulic cold press, of which both process and output is a world of difference as compared to the household centrifugal juicers or the recently popular slow juicers. With our technology, we are able to extract close to 5 times the amount of nutrients, unleashing the phytonutrients, vitamins, trace minerals, enzymes, and other vital elements from our fresh produce, giving the finest quality and flavour which is unequalled by any other method of juice extraction. The juices produced are so pure and pulp-free, it can be more quickly absorbed into your bloodstream and utilised by your cells.
nutritionist designed and certified
All our juices and cleanse programmes are nutritionally designed and certified by our team of qualified nutritionists. We are honoured to have the in-depth consult of Dr. Doreen Tan, a leading health care and beauty expert with over 40 years of experience for our cleanse recipes. We also have with us our very own in-house Associate Nutritionist Janice Chan, forming part of our development team for new juices and cleanse programmes. Our cleanse programmes have gone through rigorous research and testing, not just on its ingredients but also the sequence they should be drank in accordance to our bodily needs, to maximise the benefits of cleansing. The juices are formulated with the aim to maximise nutrient value and reduce calorie and sugars, without compromising on taste. You can find the detailed nutritional value analysis on each of our juices at our juice menu.
convenience & accessibility
With a quick ordering system and start dates 5 days a week, getting high quality juice is a mere tap away for busy urbanites. We deliver islandwide, and have HIC locations situated centrally in town to cater for self collection. Our juices are freshly pressed the day they are delivered or collected, giving you a full 3 days of shelf life for all its natural goodness contained. You can also grab bottles of juices off the shelves at these locations to supplement your daily diet. With HICJUICE’s simplicity and ease, healthy living isn’t a cumbersome chore, but a fun way of living life to the full.
dedicated personal concierge
Our multi-lingual personal concierge team, headed by head concierge Ashley L and supported by our in-house ANutr Janice C, is always ready to answer your every query, be it about orders or queries in relation to health and wellness. Queries can be directed through our live chat on the site, or through emails to concierge@hicjuice.com.sg. You can also whatsapp +65 85221103 for urgent queries. Our concierge team is equipped with qualified knowledge about our products to support and guide you with literature, tips and morale support with you throughout your journey with HICJUICE.
environmentally and socially responsible
We use only natural and unprocessed ingredients from farms that practice sustainable agriculture. A plant based diet like ours is also an effective way for individuals to reduce their eco footprint. Apart from the ingredients, we also minimize our waste and carbon footprint by using recyclable materials for packaging. We are the first in Singapore to bottle our juices in glass - the most recyclable of bottle options; which is vital to preserving the shelf life and taste of our juices. Till date, we remain the only juice company with a full circle recycling programme for the used bottles, including monthly recycling drives and recycling rebates, to encourage our juicers to go green with us!
highest quality certification
We are the first juice cleanse company in Singapore with an AVA approved and licensed juice kitchen, upping the notch in quality control and food safety for our juices. Apart from tropical fruits such as coconuts and red dragon fruits which we source regionally, most of our organic produce is imported from Australian farms with the accredited Australian Certified Organic standard. We have also achieved the Healthier Choice Symbol for 2 juices, Kale Tales and Citrus Chia.