cleanse testimonials
“For once, stress was not on my mind.”
I will do this all over and over again because my body and soul felt so good by the end of Day 3. This is my first ever detox program I went on and it was not as bad as I thought it would be. The well-balanced juices in taste and nutrients made it so easy to consume and was gentle on my sensitive stomach. With the amount of stress and imbalance in meals intake due to work, I developed insomnia and am always awake till the wee hours in the morning. However, during the 2nd day of my cleanse diet, I fell asleep just 1 hour after my last juice (Nut Milk) at 11pm and slept through the night. By Day 3, I felt a difference to my body and soul - my body felt energized and clean while my soul felt at peace. For once, stress was not on my mind.
Tricia Ong
Blogger / VainGloriousYou Owner
“My favourites were 4 Carats and Kale Tales.”
Initially, I was quite apprehensive about me completing the 3 day juice cleanse as I couldn't eat. I was also afraid that I wouldn't be able to get used to the taste of the juices but boy was I glad when it tasted so yummy! My favourites were 4 Carats and Kale Tales. The first day was a challenge but once you are past that, it becomes so much easier. After the cleanse, I felt invigorated and thoroughly cleansed. I was also more conscious about my food choices! I'm so glad I did the juice cleanse!
Jayne Tham, 24