about the juices

1.   Is it organic?
2.   Do the juices need to be refrigerated? What if I am out and about?
3.   Why has my juice separated?
4.  What’s the difference between Juice Cleanse Programs and Six Pack Juices?
5.   I want to lose weight, should I go for juice cleanse or the Six Pack Juices – Skinny package?
6.   Can I customise my cleanse?
7.   What are the charcoal juices all about?

about the cleanse

1.  Which level of cleanse do I go for?
2.  So should I go for a 1-day, 3-day or 5-day cleanse?
3.   How often should I cleanse?
4.   What if I’m pregnant or breastfeeding? Can I still go on a cleanse?
5.   Can I cleanse if I have a medical issue?
6.   Can I still drink the juices if I am feeling unwell?
7   Where do I get my protein?
8.   There is no fiber in the juices. Isn’t fiber good for me?
9.   What if I’m hungry?
10.   How much weight will I lose? Will I gain it back?
11.   Can I exercise?
12.   Can I continue to take supplements during the cleanse?
13.   What about coffee, teas and alcohol?
14.   Do I have to follow the order of the drinks? Can I skip some?
15.   I think I’m constipated, is this normal?
16.   What are the detox symptoms?
17.   Can I freeze or heat up my juice?

about the order

1.   What are the available ways for me to receive my order?
2.   I have a last minute change of schedule. Can I change my delivery slot?
3.   Can I request for a specific timing between the delivery time slot?
4.   Can I call HIC Juice up to recycle my glass bottles after cleanse?